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My Mission

Buying your own home is the beginning of an awesome adventure. For a lot of folks however, this can mean exploring uncharted territory. Fortunately, there are a lot of great professionals available to help out along the way. A realtor, for example, plays the role of your expedition guide who leads you through the seemingly mountainous process that is a real estate transaction. Once you reach the peak with a property in sight, I join the team to help analyze its condition and compile a list of maintenance recommendations. A home is a unique system of components all working in unison to provide safety, comfort, and health to its occupants. The better you understand and maintain your home’s system, the more effectively it will provide for you. That’s why I squeeze in crawlspaces, climb into attics, and walk on roofs. I highlight the positives, prioritize the negatives, and leave you with the knowledge you need to carry on with confidence.

John Wasson

Owner - Certified Professional Inspector

I really enjoy studying the science of structures. Most people will look at a home and judge it for its aesthetic value but there is real beauty to be found in its intricate functionality. I have a great passion for what I do and appreciate the opportunities my clients provide to pursue it.